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About CPD

Center for Peace and Development (CPD) is an independent, non-government and not-for-profit organization working in Balochistan and Sind. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the general body. CPD’s operations are carried out by a team of professionals through its main and regional offices.



Center for peace and Development (CPD) is an independent registered non government and nonprofit civil society organization based at Balochistan CPD was established in 2002 by a group of human rights and Peace Activists of Balochistan who were working with different national and international development organizations, they felt the need of an organization who promotes the Peace and Human rights education in the province, CPD was formally registered in January 2003. The organization initiated peace and human rights education with different youth groups in Quetta city and now becomes the largest right base organization of the province working in 17 districts of Balochistan.


Legal Status

In 2003, CPD was registered under the Social Welfare Ordinance 1961. However, later on, the Board of Directors decided to register CPD under the Societies Act which was done in 2011.


Mission Statement

CPD envisions a peaceful, equitable, just and prosperous society



In order to achieve its vision, CPD is working for following objectives

  • Promote peaceful coexistence, tolerance and a culture of conflict resolution
  • Promote human rights education, democracy, and good governance
  • Create an enabling environment for civil society organizations
  • Provide services to deprived communities and segments of the society especially in the field of education, health and natural resource management Incorporate social mobilization and gender sensitization in all its program areas as cross cutting themes